Back in 2014, Founder and CEO Jack Milne was helping to install a few aftermarket parts on his friend’s new Chevy when several thoughts occurred to him. Not only did he enjoy doing mechanic work on the side, it was also a good way to earn some extra money. He realized that there was an entire group of mechanically-inclined and passionate car people, himself included, who were both willing and able to help out the local community with their car needs but who had no way of reaching them besides word of mouth. Jack began to brainstorm ways of connecting these ‘enthusiasts’ as he would later term them, to those needing assistance. Thus the concept of an online platform began to slowly take shape in his mind and after several trials, Upwrench was born.

The goal of Upwrench was quite simple really. People needed work done to their cars, and mechanics needed cars to work on. Upwrench would allow people to hire not only a mechanic they preferred but one whose price they could afford. It brought an extra element to the table over going to a traditional shop – the element of choice. With Upwrench, you – the client, are in control of who works on your car, when, and for how much, and all this done via an easily navigable site. No more worrying, no more searching, and no more hassle. The mechanics come to you, credentials in hand. That power of choice doesn’t end with the client though. By allowing mechanics to bid on different projects, they too have the ability to pick the jobs that suit them best. Never before has finding the right person and the right job been so simple. Upwrench – connecting enthusiasts with the community around them.